With the increase in the number of electric vehicles on the road, wouldn’t it be nice if the Town of Creston had charging stations? I imagine travelers touring through the Kootenays and stopping in Creston to top up the batteries in their electric vehicle. One could also assume these travelers would likely spend time waiting by walking around and taking in the local community. A multitude of unique and wonderful places to eat, shop, and visit.

Fortunately, this scene is now a reality in the Town of Creston thanks in part to Accelerate Kootenays, a $1.5 million project led by a vast array of organizations. These include the Regional District East Kootenay, Regional District Central Kootenay, and Kootenay Boundary.

Owned and operated by FortisBC, this station is part of a larger network spanning from the Okanagan in the West to Alberta out East. Funding for this initiative was through the B.C. Ministry of Energy and Mines, Columbia Basin Trust, Federation of Canadian Municipalities, FortisBC, and BC Hydro.

This latest addition for our electric vehicle owners isn’t the first. In 2015 the Town of Creston welcomed its very first all-in-one charging station at the Valley Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Centre. On 29 September 2015 we had a very first customer, a Tesla Model S.  

One more example of the Town of Creston building together.