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Here’s How Much Tax I Paid

All this talk about high taxes got me curious, so I looked into my own. I was a joint-owner on my mother’s house and I paid her property taxes for the last 10 years. My mother died in June last year and our home was sold in 2018.

  • Our 2008 property assessment was $305,700
  • Our 2018 property assessment was $313,600 (View it here yourself)
  • Our 2008 gross tax was $3,284
  • Our 2018 gross tax was $3,747

Our gross tax increased by 14%

Policing costs increased when the town’s population exceeded 5,000 people, so I looked at our police tax.

  • Our 2008 police tax was $83
  • Our 2018 police tax was $393

Police tax increased by 373% ($310)

If I don’t include the police tax increase because the town had little to no control over that.

  • Our 2008 gross tax was $3,284
  • Our 2018 gross tax was $3,437

That is a tax increase of 5%

I would be curious as to what you get if you do the same.