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We Have Accomplished Much Together

Together as a community we have accomplished much together over the last 10 years. With such great momentum, I feel we are entering into our best days together. I am asking for your vote so that we can continue to accomplish many great things for our Town.

Thanks to Juice FM for permission to share my radio ad here.




The Town of Creston and surrounding valley have been growing and thriving. Throughout my 10 years serving as Mayor I’ve led three great Town Councils who have accomplished much; making Creston and the surrounding area a more vibrant community. It’s not just our Town Staff who contribute to a stronger Creston, it’s the men and women of our Regional District, Lower Kootenay Band, and all who live, work, and enjoy spending time in our town. It’s you. That’s why I have chosen Building Together, Our Best Days Are Ahead as my campaign slogan. While much has been accomplished over these productive 10 years, there is much more to be done. Our best days are truly ahead of us.

I will be available in my campaign office to meet and discuss your ideas on how we can continue Building Together, Our Best Days Are Ahead.

I am asking Town of Creston citizens for your vote that will enable me to provide strong leadership with a new Town Council for the next 4 years.

Authorized by Ron Toyota. 250 428 6506