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What Ever Happened to the Cell phones?

Holding the title of Town Mayor, as well as any other public office comes with its fair share of criticism from those we serve. The most recent allegation to come to my attention is in regard to Town expenditures for cell phones.

Here are the questions raised by Ingrid Voigt.

Screenshot of a Facebook post by Ingrid Voigt.


What ever happened to the cell phones the taxpayers paid for, that were given to all town hall staff and councillors?

I never received a Town Cell phone. I have used my personal phone since 2008. Because I use my personal phone, I get a yearly usage reimbursement. To the best of my knowledge, no councillors were ever issued Town cell phones during my time as Town Mayor.

Before one makes this type of public statement, I strongly encourage them to contact me personally. My contact information is widely available.


Cell: 250 428 6506

You are also encouraged to come see me in person. My schedule is posted online on the Town of Creston website. Between now and October 20th (election day) you can also visit me at my Official Campaign Office across from the post office. Monday – Friday (10am – 5pm), Saturday (10am – 2pm)

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